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December 2009

Dear Trip the Light lovers, thank you so much for making our last edition “NO TO SANTA’S HAT, WE LIKE SWIMMING AND SHOWER CAPS”  so special and vibrant.

The Trip the Light crew is always mesmerized seeing how many people turn up and how many people support this event. Trip the Light is a platform in which we open up the doors to other artists who are working like us: independent creators that privilege the collective way of working or independent work that belongs to underground artistic world.  Trip the Light is a call for artists to develop a culture in which artists communicate, learn about others and learn about themselves, a culture in which we aim to reorganize the way we create, we make our work visible and we structure our artistic lives that can otherwise be very lonely pathways. Under this light the Trip the Light Crew is aiming to develop more events and ways of making this possible….. so enjoy your holidays and see you next year more charged more roaring and bursting with creative ideas!!

Skinworks & Hopscotch crew

October 2009
What an exciting last 10 days!!
Trip the Light came back in great form! 
A procession enriched by such a generous audience shaking our hand made shakers –many thanks to the Junk Orchestra for tutoring us on that one!– We were all invoking in great style the three lights of creativity: cheating, stealing and borrowing! A scrumptious performance by Neat Timothy who really inspired the whole movida with the fine art of improvisation. A slice thoughtful Indie Rock by Dog of Hearts. Belly rubbing fab Cup Cakes by the wonderful ladies of the Bake My Day –I still have saliva rushes thinking about them. And Rocking DJ Toby Lyons really got our booty shaking… Oh Trip the Light Land Light People… lets keep our spirits up for a wonderfully creative winter!! Ahahah!! So at present we are searching for artists and performances which want to be part of the next Trip the Light In December… don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Not to forget LOOP performed at Touch Wood 2009 the 29th of September (see critique below: we are sophisticated people now!). Loop received a great response by the audience –we know that you want to see us all naked but you will have to wait for us to develop it further, maybe this spring. In the mean time we will strip only partially (!!). Since Loop has been referred to as a moving sculpture we are trying to widen our audience spectrum by showing the work in Art Galleries –mmmhhmh the visual arts scene sounds yummy– Does anyone have any suggestion in terms of Galleries?

Love, Joy and Creativity!

HOPSCOTCH is an artistic framework.

Hopscotch is formed by a collective of international artists, who draw their experience from different backgrounds: dance, drama, music, photography and visual arts.

Hopscotch was born in order to support the individual artistic processes of its members, nurturing the processes in all the stages of creation and production, providing a safe and committed space.

Hopscotch operates through diverse projects that enable artistic freedom, artistic excellence, and artistic flexibility.

Hopscotch believes in the necessity to organize a mobile network and an accessible space of engagement for artists inside and outside the collective.

Hopscotch aims to shape a tangible and empowered artistic community that learns and develops understanding its diverse artistic pathways and promoting dialogue and interaction.


HOPSCOTCH’s programme of work can be divided in three main areas

1. Artistic platforms: 'Trip the Light Fantastic Toe' 
2. Performances: Jose Vidal & Company
3. Artistic Interventions, Installations, Videos & Documentation


Since 2006 Hopscotch organises the monthly platform
‘Trip The Light Fantastic Toe’, which is:

— A TOOL to network with other artists
— A NIGHT of improvisation, rough-cuts and short-pieces
— A STRATEGY to build a strong and tangible artistic community
— An informal OPPORTUNITY to experiment in a safe environment
            and receive feedback from an audience
— A WAY to develop an audience
UNCONVENTIONAL: it takes place in alternative theatrical spaces
            such as warehouses, art galleries, barns, music festivals and clubs
FUN: It always involves live music and after-show parties


Hopscotch has supported the vision of Choreographer Jose Vidal since 2006. Jose Vidal & Company has developed an idiosyncratic language that uses a specific mutable choreographic system and a multidisciplinary approach to explore different concepts within the creative process.

In all the creations, the work has investigated a particular relationship between movement, bodies and space, using patterns of movement, images and a cinematic approach to develop choreographic structures and compositions.

The creative process has enabled Hopscotch to play with different ideas such as:

Fragmented timelines
— Intricate mathematical pathways
— Spatial compositions perceived from different points of view
— Mass of bodies understood as indivisible organisms
— Use of lighting to cinematically frame the events of the choreography

Some of the work has purposefully been created in order to be performed
site-specifically in a variety of public spaces such as museums, art galleries,
warehouses and public squares.


+ JOSE VIDAL. Choreographer

Chilean born, Jose studied Anthropology and Sociologies before beginning his dance training 1994. With his first Piece with Francisca Sazie, Aurelio Aurelia, He obtained the awards for best work and best interpreters at the New Theatrical Trends Festival in Santiago.

He attended the young choreographers' programme at ADF Duke University USA, and went on to study in New York with artists like Susan Klein and Barbara Mahler, David Dorfmann, Wally Cardona, Barbara Grubel, Jeremy Nelson, David Zambrano, Mark Haim and Will Swanson.

In 1997 he joined Czech-Italian Company DéjàDoné. He assisted Simone Sandroni choreographically for the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, Slovac Republic and he worked with the Ernesto Company in Theatre Varia, Brussels, Belgium. In 1998, he joined Transit Company in Barcelona.

In 1999 he created the duet Pantalones Grises, and Roundtrip, dance performance for six male actors that was invited to the Harare International Festival of the Arts 2000, Zimbabwe.

In 2001 He carried out the choreographic design and direction for the plays Los ojos rotos, and Circulando directed by the renowned Chilean actress María Izquierdo, and create El Cumpleaños for Ballet de Santiago.

That same year he was awarded a FONDART (Funds for the Development of Culture and Arts) to stage Pichanga, presented in a big tour in Chile and Mendoza, Argentina. Pichanga was considered by many as a landmark for Chilean contemporary dance.

He was a professor at Universidad ARCIS for the drama school between 2002 and 2005, and in 2007 he graduated with an MA in choreography from London Contemporary Dance School, Kent University.

Since 2007 He has being assossiated with The Place as an artist in residence, where he created the pieces 81 frames 21 minutes (2006) and Progressions (2007). He was awaerded with the residency Choreodrome in 2007, 2008 and 2009 which is a space to research ideas and develop new work. He has being part of the seasons of Resolution and Touch Wood 2007, 2008 and 2009. In 2009 he was commissioned to create a piece for the Place Prize, sponsored by Bloomberg. And he was invited to show his pieces Inventario and The Kiss in Spring Loaded 2009.

Lately we has been awarded with the program of residencies across Europe ChoreRoam.

In touch Wood 2009, he will present his new creation from Choreodrome 2009, Loop.

+GIULIANA MAJO. Performer.

Giuliana Majo studied at London Contemporary Dance School. Since graduating and forming her own company, Skinworks I.C. She has performed for Gaila Teatro Danza, Ti Draso Dance Company and Jose Vidal & Company in london and Italy, and she has been working as a movement director for several Theatre Companies, like Arcola Theatre.


Montserrat trained at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona and at the Laban Center in London. Since 1992 has been extensively working for numerous dance companies in Spain and England. She also has studies in film and Shiatsu. Since 2001 she is based in London where she has worked with Zephyr and Zanussi and with Jose Vidal since 2006.


Born in Santiago, he received a degree in Acting at the Universidad Católica de Chile, obtained further training in contemporary dance at Ecole Peter Goss, and a Master in Theater at the Université Paris 8 Saint Denis, both in Paris. In Chile, he has been involved in institutional and independent theater, highlighting his work as a permanent member of Teatro Ensimenor Company. In London, he participated in several contemporary dance festivals and residencies with Jose Luis Vidal at The Place since 2007. He has also directed several acting and movement workshops, in which he has always stressed the different ways of relating both disciplines organically.

+ FERNANDO EZQUERRA. Video and Photography.

Started in Barcelona with a studio partnership on 1994 and later joined Vasava before moved to London in 2001 where he worked for renowned fashion brands as a graphic designer. He has been collaborating with artist and arts collectives for the last 15 years.


+RENATA GASPAR. Performer.

Renata Gaspar graduated from Escola Superior de Dança, Lisbon, in 2003. She then joined Companhia de Dança de Lisboa in 2004 and in 2005 she attended the One Year Certificate at London Contemporary Dance School/The Place. She then joined Jose Luis Vidal & Company in 2006. In 2009, with a scholarship from Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, she completed the MA Performance Making at Goldsmiths College. Now she's doing an internship with Station House Opera with the support from Inovart/DGArtes.

+NICK LAWSON. Performer.

Nick studied dance at London Contemporary Dance School, and went on to perform for EDge post graduate dance company, working with choreographers such as Siobhan Davies, Sue MacLennan, Trisha Brown and Annais Bout. Since graduating Nick has enjoyed free lance teaching and performing, dancing for Aletta Colins, Jen Irons and Marc Brew and h2dance. He enjoys improvisation and investigative work and he also does a variety of teaching and education work for companies such as CandoCo, Jose Vidal and Dance United.

+ PEPA UBERA. Performer.

Pepa Ubera was born Spain, where she gain a degree in ballet from the Professional Conservatory of Madrid. In 2003 she moved to London to study contemporary dance at London Contemporary dance school. She has been a freelance dancer since 2006, dancing for Anh Ngoc Nguyen, Johann Bjorgvinsson, Welsh National Opera, ENO, Codigo Dance Project, WBNR dance Project, Sadlers Wells Independent Opera, Tom Dale and 30 Bird Productions. Pepa is also part of Beatabet Arts Collective where she develops her own dance research, individually and with other members of the collective. She joined Hopscotch for their 2009 Choreodrome Residency.


She graduated as an actress from the UC in Chile, 2001. Since then she has been working in different areas of the theatre field. She is part of an independent chilean theatre company 'niños prodigio teatro' and teaches 'voice' in the acting school. She is currently finishing her master programme in International Performance Research, between Amsterdam and UK (UvA and Warwick universities). She joined Hopscotch for their 2009 Choreodrome Residency.

+ ALBERTO RUIZ. Performer and Sound Artist.

Graduated from Sound Arts and Design at the London College of Communication in 2009 with a First Honors Degree. His compositions are influenced by "musique concrete" and sound design for films. Since 2006 he has been working with many dance choreographers while creating his own performances and purely acoustic works. He has presented works in London at Resolution '09 and Touchwood '09 at the Robin Howard Dance Theatre, the Adventures in Movement '09, Dance and Physical Theatre Festival at the Arcola Theatre, Newington Dance Space in 2009 and at the Royal Festival Hall (2008), also "While Rome burns..." exhibition organized by The Queen Elm Artists at Couchwerks in 2009; Performing Art Festival (Brighton); Centro Cultural Moncloa in 2008 (Madrid) and Act Festival '08, Performing Art Festival (Bilbao).


From the onset of his dance career Andrew has practiced, studied and observed dance all over the world. This cross cultural exposure has informed and become integral to Andrew's practice and understanding of dance, movement, choreography. He recently received a One Year Certificate from LCDS and currently works as a freelance dancer and choreographer, researching and making work. This year he established the arts venue Showdome in Hackney Wick. http://www.showdome.org/. He joined Jose and Company for their 2009 Choreodrome Residency.


She has woked extensively for stage, film and television. Since 2004 Julieta is studing Choreography at the Ernst Burch School in Berlin where she is currently working in her final project. In september 2007 she joined Jose Vidal for a residence project at The Place where they presented Inventario in Touch Wood and in Resolutions! 2008.

+THOM RACKETT. Performer.

He spent the last year performing with Edge08 after completing his studies at London Contemporary Dance School. Hi is art of the dance collective MWAG (Mother Wanted a Girl) and an accomplished musician, playing piano and drums professionally.


Seke was born in London and studied dance at Lewisham College and London Contemporary Dance School. Since 2004, Seke has performed internationally with Alias Cie, DV8 Physical Theatre, Lost Dog, Henrietta Hale, Rick Nodine, Karl Jay Lewin, Rannva Karodottir, Tino Sehgal, Ruby Worth, Zephyr in Zanussi and 5 Men Dancing. Seke has also been practicing and performing his own solo improvisation work since 2006.

+LUIS CORVALAN. Performer.

Luis is a dancer and choreographer who has mainly been working on concepts of classical physics: time, the relation between movement, speech, and the poetics of dance. He began his artistic research in 2000 -at the end of his training as a mechanical engineer- with Physis. He runs stages-laboratory with dance Spiral in Santiago, Chile, and created in 2006, with the choreographer Paula Sacur, Puede ser… pero no es suficiente.
During his stay in Montpellier (2006-2007) he created:Viviendo con Dolores del río, a research on pain, and Las tres marías, an experimental short film .
In 2007 he joined Hopscotch –Jose Vidal & Company- for two residencies at The Place, London, with Inventario.
During 2007-2008, attended the training «From the interpreter to the author» in CCN with Maguy Marin, where he creates Project Power PointSSS. At present he is studying the Master of Dance at the University Paris 8, where he analyses the character of the amateur in contemporary dance.

+GARETH GREEN. Lighting designer.

Trained at London Contemporary Dance School. He works as a freelance lighting designer, dancer and member of faculty at London Contemporary Dance School rehearsing EDge, The Postgraduate Performance Company. He has lit work for companies such as: Mother Wanted a Girl, Oskola (Euskal Herria),Green Bean, La Tipica (Madrid), Lost Dog, Rick Nodine, Alex Broadie (Place Prize 2006) as well as Jose Vidal and the original version of ‘The Kiss’ as part of the Place Prize 2008.

+MANUEL VAZQUEZ. Photography

Manuel was born in Colombia and lives and works in London. He recently completed an MA in Photography and Urban Culture at Goldsmiths University, where he explored in more depth the exposure of city life - the focus of his photographic work to date. Manuel has participated in group exhibitions in New York, UK ,Italy, Spain, Canada and Colombia. Manuel has attended workshops at the International Center of Photography and the School of Visual Arts in New York City. After studying Economics in Colombia, Manuel moved to Spain in 1998 where he began his studies of photography and worked as a photo-editor. He has been a freelance photographer since 2004.

+TONY HORNECKER. Set designer.

Tony Hornecker works primarily in the fashion and advertising field for publication such as Dazed ad Confused, I-D, British and Japanese Vogue and Another Magazine. Previous clients include Stella McCartney, Kylie Minogue, Sony, Puma and Hackett.

+MICHAEL PICKNETT. Music Composer.

Michael is a new composer, specializing in both instrumental and electronic music. After completing his MA at Guildhall School of music and Drama, he was awarded a coveted fellowship in contemporary composition. Since 2006, his critically acclaimed work has been performed internationally.

+ MARCIN DUDEK. Visual Artist.

In all of the company’s creations the work has investigated a particular relationship between movement, space and light using spatial patterns of movement, images and a cinematic approach to develop choreographic structures and compositions.

All these ideas enable the creative process to play with timeline, points of view and lighting in order to frame the events of the choreography as a camera frames the events of a film.

Some of the work has been purposefully created in order to perform it in a variety of public spaces.

+ LOOP (2009)

Work in Progress presented on 29th of September in Touch Wood 2009, at the Robin Howard Dance Theatre at The Place.

"...this moving mass is understood as an object. The over posed frozen frames are sculptures which seem to organically mutate, generating a new statement, varying from a war-battle scene, to a picnic, to a religious adoration. The beauty of it laid on the transition from this characterised and individualistic staged scenes,to this homogeneous merged organic mass. A living organism that breaths, pants, sweats, and dare I say, smells..." Alvaro Moreira

Choreographed by Jose Vidal.

Performers: Giuliana Majo, Cristóbal Muhr, Montse Ventura, Nick Lawson, Renata Gaspar, Alberto Ruiz, Andrew Hardwidge, Pepa Ubera, Loreto Leonvendagar.

"The second half of this programme was much more lyrical in style. Both Jose Vidal & Company and Ffin Dance’s work seemed further along the choreographic development process than other elements of Touch WoodLoop by Jose Vidal & Company brought Brazilian poet, Alvaro Moreira’s words to life with a swirling mass of movement. Staged as a photo shoot the dancers bega in costumes resembling Charles Dickens street urchins meet Gap! But as the choreography drew to a close, and the clothes were removed, a lingerie shoot bordered on risqué. Individual dancers could be detected but on the whole the group, rather than the individual, stood out. Many solos, duets and trios appeared in such close proximity that a sense of harmony was created within the group. The overall effect of this choreography was very sophisticated, showing how repetitive movement can be enhanced, distorted and appear new with the revealing of skin."

Review in Londondance, by Libby Costello

+ THE KISS (2008)

Commissioned by The Place Prize 2008, sponsored by Bloomberg, further developed for Spring Loaded 2009.

The Kiss is a technicolor visual treat using a cinematic approach with extreme physical choreography. Glimpses of relationships emerge from the dark creating ephemeral, fleeting images that are gone in the blink of an eye.

Choreographed by Jose Vidal.

Performers: Julieta Figueroa, Renata Gaspar, Giuliana Majo, Cristóbal Muhr, Montse Ventura, Nick Lawson, Thom Rackett, Seke Chimutengwende.
Music Composer: Mike Picknet
Light: Jose Vidal and Gareth Green
Set and Costume Designer: Tony Hornecker

“a beautifully constructed piece of art; visually appealing and mysterious and beguiling and something to be experienced more than once”
Rihanon Brace, Londondance.


Made at The Place with the support of Choreodrome 2007 and developed for Spring Loaded in 2009.

Inventario is a game played between the performers in which the audience is charged with discovering the rules. The work unfolds with a set of structured patterns and intricate pathways, revealing intimate relationships and flowing narratives.

Choreographed by Jose Vidal.

Performers: Julieta Figueroa, Renata Gaspar, Giuliana Majo, Luis Corvalán, Cristóbal Muhr, Montse Ventura, Nick Lawson, Thom Rackett, Seke Chimutengwende, Jose Vidal.

Light: Gareth Green
Costume Designer: Tony Hornecker

“clever and witty….Fascinating” Anna Leach


Created in 2007 with the intention to drastically blur the boundaries between the audience and the performers. This led the audience to question: where is the art work? Where do I have to look? Who are the performers?

Progression is a choreographic installation devised for a gallery space in St. John Street, London. It was also performed as an urban intervention at the Tate Modern Gallery.

Choreographed by Jose Vidal

Performers: Renata Gaspar, Melissa Cosseta, Natasha Falter, Taraneh jahanpour, Mito Jobbé Duval, Giuliana Majo, Ann Pidcock, Michael Picknett, Alberto Ruiz, Nashira Santanatalia, Vera Tussing, Montse Ventura, Lewis Wilkins, Jess Williams, James Wilton, Carolina Yagüe

Music: André Castro
Light: Gareth Green

+81 FRAMES 21 MINUTES (2006)

Created in 2006 as part of Jose Vidal’s MA final piece. Performed at the Robin Howard Dance Theatre as part of Resolution 20067

Choreographed by Jose Vidal.

Performers: Renata Gaspar, Montse Ventura, Maito Jobbé Duval, Mike Picknet, Aurea Romero, Alicia Rodríguez Campi, Alvaro Moreira, Jose Vidal, Javiera Peón Veiga.

Light: Jose Vidal in collaboration with Gareth Green
Music: André Castro

“work of a very high standard” Prarthana Purkayastha

”Vidal’s edits left evocative impressions." Martin Hargreaves

12th of December 2009

A night of Zeitgenössischetanztheaterperformancekunst or better a night of improvisation, rough-cuts, short pieces:a hotchpotch collection of games, dance, theatre, live art, videos and after party until 3am

...........................................IS BACK IN GREAT STYLE!

Oh festive & creative Trip the Light Land People,
Join Trip the Light for a rich artistic banquet and much more entertainment: ghostly Jose Vidal appearances, free cakes, and goodbye rituals and send offs for Hopscotch's Patron: Massimo Rubino, lots of shower and swimming cap dancing

It cannot get more exciting than this!

When: SATURDAY 12th of December 2009

Where: The Others, 6 and 8 Manor Rd, N16, Stoke Newington what time:8.30 pm

Theme: No to Santa's hat we like swimming and shower caps

Tickets: £5 if you come wearing swimming or shower cap £6 without swimming or shower cap

What's cooking on the night:

1) Jose Vidal's one night and one night only appearance

2) A banquet of artistic endeavours:

-Elayce Ismail & Marie Texier presenting La Valse
-Vera Tussing & Albert Quesada & JS Refaeli presenting Your Eyes
-Dan Watson presenting Semi Detached
-Bradley Smith & Marie Texier presenting Petit Lapin
-Turkish delight presenting F to F Drag act
-Hitchhike Dance Collective presenting Gertrudis

3) The Golden Bakery cakes sponsored by Hopscotch's Patron: Massimo Rubino.

4) Massimo Rubino's leaving ritual

5) A zig-zag shower/swimming cap party

See you there!
Hopscotch & Skinworks Crew
3rd OCTOBER 2009

TRIP THE LIGHT FANTASTIC TOE is a night of Zeitgenössischetanztheaterperformancekunst or better a night of improvisation, rough-cuts, short pieces:a hochpotch collection of games, dance, theatre, live art, videos and after party until 3am

.........................AND..................IS BACK IN GREAT STYLE!


Visit our myspace for more info, videos and pictures.


when: SATURDAY 3rd OCTOBER 2009

where: HACKNEY WICK TRAIN STATION in procession to the SHOWDOME: Unit 18, Vittoria Wharf, 10 Stour Rd, E3 2NT, London (http://www.showdome.org/)

what time: 9.00pm/9.20pm Hackney Wick train station 9.45pm/3 am SHOWDOME

Theme: BAPTISM: dress appropriatelyCome and join us for:
1)a fun and frolics procession for the baptism of Neat Timothy,
2) Bake My Day for lip smacking sweetness
3)a hochpotch collection of improv-performance by Neat Timothy & music by Dog of Hearts
4) a zig-zag rum punch party: DJ Tony Lyons

Neat Timothy are very tidy and are all very good boys and girls. They like to make noise and jump about and then rest. They like it when people watch them do this - especially the resting part.

Neat Timothy are Seke Chimutengwende, Jane Leaney, Jamie McCarthy, Rick Nodine, Bryony Perkins and Gabriele Reuter.

Jamie McCarthy will also be performing a set with his band Dog of Hearts.

You can check out their indie-folk gorgeousness at http://myspace.com/dogofhearts.

See you there!


Hopscotch & Skinworks Crew


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