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December 2009

Dear Trip the Light lovers, thank you so much for making our last edition “NO TO SANTA’S HAT, WE LIKE SWIMMING AND SHOWER CAPS”  so special and vibrant.

The Trip the Light crew is always mesmerized seeing how many people turn up and how many people support this event. Trip the Light is a platform in which we open up the doors to other artists who are working like us: independent creators that privilege the collective way of working or independent work that belongs to underground artistic world.  Trip the Light is a call for artists to develop a culture in which artists communicate, learn about others and learn about themselves, a culture in which we aim to reorganize the way we create, we make our work visible and we structure our artistic lives that can otherwise be very lonely pathways. Under this light the Trip the Light Crew is aiming to develop more events and ways of making this possible….. so enjoy your holidays and see you next year more charged more roaring and bursting with creative ideas!!

Skinworks & Hopscotch crew


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